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Regular Member ($95)

Anyone who has held a FAA license, FAA certificate or military equivalent can be a regular member of the Black Pilots of America. Only Regular Members shall be eligible to vote, and shall possess any right in and to the use of property and assets of the organization.


Honorary members shall be those persons invited to become such at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors. Such persons continue to hold this status for such period as the Board of Directors may direct.

Associate ($70)

Associate members are individuals who share the aviation interests of BPA but have not attained the requirements outlined in paragraph A of this article. and who pledge to support this constitution. Associate members cannot run for office or vote for local or national officers.

Student ($20)

Student membership shall be opened to any full time student attending an accredited institution. Full time students shall be eligible to vote and shall possess any rights in and to the property and assets of the organization so long as the requirements for Regular Membership are met.

Family ($20)

Family membership shall be open to spouses, dependent children, dependent step-children, and legal wards of Regular Members.