The Black Pilots of America (BPA) is a 501(c)(3) organization chartered for a variety of purposes. Chief among these are to promote African American participation in aviation and to introduce youth to the different fields in aviation/aviation industries.

The Roscoe Draper Chapter is the local chapter of BPA for the Philadelphia area. Our members are men and women who come from diverse backgrounds. Some have professional aviation experience (military, general aviation, commercial airlines, charter pilots, flight instructors, educators, etc...) some are involved in aviation as an avocation and others are student pilots.

We have a conference call scheduled the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm est. This usually free up the following Saturday after our meeting to fly or go somewhere aviation related.

Teleconference Information: 712-432-0926, the access code is 894836

Rick Astillero
(609) 432-5495

Vice President
Derek Grier
(484) 431-7848

Robert Reeves
(267) 210-0547

Tim Moore
(610) 368-0578

Chief Pilot
Rick Astillero 2nd
(609) 432-4702

Some of the things we do:
  • We fly airplanes
  • We fly together and with other BPA chapters
  • We teach, coach and mentor
  • We promote pilot proficiency
  • We give airplane rides
  • We encourage youth to remain in school
  • We host fly-ins
  • We host social events